Friday, October 17, 2008

I landed yesterday in JFK Airport in New York around 11:30 am. It was interesting, I was meeting my friend Abby here who doesnt have a cell phone...So, if I cant find her, Im on my own...

So, I get my luggage (which was a relief it didnt get lost), then I had to take an Airtrain over to Queens and she said she would be around the Airtrain waiting for me. She said she would be there around 11:45, which is perfect because I would be getting there like 12:30. So I get on the Airtrain get to Queens, exit off and realize there is no one around...So I wander, maybe shes somewhere else? I walk around for a good 15 mins and figure I went to the wrong place and went 'oh well' and was going outside to get a taxi or ask for directions to my hostel. But on my way outside I see her outside smoking a cigarette, crazy how things work out.

From there we took the Airtrain all the way from JFK to Manhattan which is where my hostel was. Took quite some time. By this time the sleep deprivation from my flights were catching up with me along with my hunger to match. But, I wanted to get this 30lb backpack off my back and then get food. So we finally get to the hostel and I went to lock my stuff away with one of their confusing automated lockers. Something seemed wrong about the lockers but I didnt think too much of it or about it, I was so hungry! I want NY pizza!!! Abbey then took me to get huge pizza slices for a buck a piece! NY pizza is different than pizza back home, its everything I hoped it would be. It was very tasty, so im stoked I finally got some NY pizza. I can check that off the list (yes it was on my list to do)

Then we walked around times square and in central park. There was a HUGE Toys R Us, which had an indoor ferris(spelling?) wheel, and had massive lego statues which my buddy Vinne would love. Lots of Star Wars shit too that Vinnie would love too.

Have I mentioned I love New York? Not like those dumb tshirts that say I <3 NY, but I could seriously live here. Its everything I thought it would be like. Its almost like a mixture of LA and San Francisco. So many different smells, sights, and well the sounds are pretty much the same as in LA but I love walking everywhere, the atmosphere and the food is amazing.

After walking around it was time to see Iced Earth at the Nokia Theater in Times Square. First off let me tell you this was truly a blessing that I was able to see one of my favorite bands the one night I am in NY, and for that I am extremely grateful. The venue was HUGE. It had like 5 bars, and lots of hallways, TV's and a plethora of seating. Doors opened at 6, I arrived at 645, first band didnt come on til 7:30. I didnt catch their name, they were from California ironically, and sounded like poor inactments of slayer. Not impressed. I went outside. Heard the second band come on, Into Eternity. Ive heard very little of this group but everyone was stoked they were playing so I figured they must be good right? Wrong again. If I could sum it up in one word it would be awkward. The group didnt have a style, they had many and couldnt pull off mixing them all together. They sounded like Job For A Cowboy and Dream Theater mixed...Interesting...I found myself outside again....It was really weird being at a show by myself. Im normally with Ryan or Brandon, never alone. Then Iced Earth came on with the reunited Matt Barlow. Iced Earth's ledgendary voice. Ive had the privilage of seeing Iced Earth live twice, once with Barlow and once without. It was breathtaking. They played about a 2 hour set of soo many good songs. Burning Times, The Coming Curse, Melancholy, Watching Over Me, My Own Savior, Vengence Is Mine, Stormrider, Dracula, Ten Thousand Strong, Pure Evil, Seitan Massacre, Gettysburg...It was everything I expected and then some. Barlow rocked it. I didnt miss one word. I can barely talk or move my neck right now. I havnt rocked that hard since Dying Fetus played with Nile over a year ago. I found myself running to a drinking fountain during the new songs I did not know for the fear of choking because my throat was so parched. I just wished my buddies were there to singalong with, especially to Melancholy. Shawn could sign it. (Which he did when we saw them live before) Very good show. I am so grateful I was able to see them live again. So grateful.

But then I am on my way back to the hostel and I see some guy selling comedy tickets, and I was like I wanna go! Its only $10! But then you got to two things. Drinks or food. Its ok, Im only here one night. So I walked a few blocks and went in, got seated, ordered and laughed my ass off. There were like 7 comedians. All were hysterical with the exception of 2. Good times. Got me some motzerella sticks and a water and was having such a good time. I love standup comedy. One of the comics said the word Putz, made me think of my dad, thats our word to each other.

Then I came back to the hostel, checked back on my bags and my locker was open...I knew I didnt trust that locker! Nothing was missing thank god but I made sure it locked this time staying in the room for like 15 mins to make sure it wouldnt just open again. Then I brushed my teeth and went to sleep. I shared a room with 3 other people, it was bunk beds. I think they all knew each other, they were talking in german to each other throughout the night and were gone when I woke up at 7:30. I showered and got all my stuff together and deicded to write an update.

On todays agenda, I have to goto Citibank in Brooklyn (which is not close) to get my bank card that isnt working...Thats a whole mess of a story in itself..Hopefully I will be also able to include seeing the Statue of Liberty. In anycase, my flight to India leaves at 7:40 pm.

Time goes so much slower when you are alone. I feel like I have been gone for weeks and its only been like alittle over 24 hours.

I miss everyone and hope they are all doing well.

Many blessings and peace to you all.