Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Get me out of Delhi!!!

I am so tired of the scams in Delhi. From the rickshaw drivers to the tour agencies to hotel companies to "friends" you talk to on the street. Note: There is only one legit tour agency in Delhi which is run by the government. Somehow I got taken to two false agencies who claimed they were the right one, the 'official one'. One salesman, the last one I spoke to, when he found out I denied his offer and told him I will plan this on my own, started angrily popping off about America and how Americans 'feel everyone will rip them off'. I quickly turned my back to him mid sentence and went on my way. I love America and dont take kindly to people who badmouth my country. Yes I am worried to get ripped off because we do here. Alot. People here know that they can squeeze alittle bit more money out of us because its nothing to us but alot to them. Im done with it. Take me away so my trip can finally begin. :)

On a brighter note, not much has happened within the last few days. Just very relaxed and needed. Yesterday I spent the day getting my indian cell phone to work and walking around the bazaars shopping and eating. I bought a beautiful black and orange shawl for when I go north and bought another beautiful mala. I had a great breakfast yesterday. I had an HUGE omlette, french toast, and toast with strawberry jam. Very tasty. Went to sleep early, it was my first night of mild nasuea. Slept for 13 hours.

Today I take a bus to Manali (16 hours) helping me work my way north. Supposedly it is going to be raining there but this is coming from tour agencies who just want to take my money and book me with one of their commission paying tours. Honestly I don't care either way, rain or shine. I will deal with it on my own when I get there. Thats why I bought and brought my rain gear. Plus, it never rains in California. I absolutely love the rain and wouldn't mind one bit if it paid me a visit.

I have no idea how my internet situation is going to be out there. It is not a main town like Delhi, so expect a response when I return or can find a computer.

Many blessings and peace to you all.